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For those of you who are not basketball fans, Shaquille O’Neal or “Shaq” is a famous and very good American basketball player (he has won five NBA championships so far), but also an actor and a rapper. This is one of Shaq’s cribs located in Star Island, between Miami and Miami Beach. With gargantuan proportions, this particular dream house was built by Rony Seikaly in 1992 and has eight bedrooms, a gym, an indoor basketball court, a steam room, and a sauna.The outdoor decor (2,5 acre land) includes a garage with a a parking lot for six cars, a dock, a tennis court, a two-bedroom house for guests and an amazing pool with the Superman logo. The house is currently up for sale for the sum of $22,5 Million. – via 2

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This beautiful home is located in Park Farm, Worcestershire and belongs to the Elizabethan. You are looking at the delightful results of a restoration process that took place after carefully exploring the history of the building. The “new residence” is a mix of old elements ( for example oak beams that are 1000 years old) with modern additions. Here is more information from the official page: “The colour palette of the decoration is simple and traditional being painted in buttermilk limewash on traditional lime-plastered walls. Furnishing is a mix of traditional and contemporary design, many of the pieces have been carefully sourced from individual makers and (I hope) will defy changing fashion. Lighting is simple halogen down-lighters with some notable exceptions – in particular the 1.5m contemporary wire chandelier in the kitchen. The result is a bright and streamlined house that adapts well to the requirements of a growing family.” Lovely, wouldn’t you say?

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Lake LBJ Retreat was designed by Dick Clark Architecture and is located near Marble Falls, Texas, on a peninsula that used to be a private fish camp in the last decades of the 20th century. A peaceful and modern way to escape the racket of urban living, the residence is conveniently built in proximity to the water and makes the most of the surrounding views. Here is some information from the architects: “After spending some time in an existing house on the land our clients decided to create a new space that supported their evolving lifestyle. Wind patterns and the existing tree canopy were crucial influences on the project’s design development. Exterior circulation paths and separate living spaces encourage a connection with the outdoors.  Project materials include cast in place concrete, ipe siding and Rheinzink metal siding.” Be sure to take a close look at this home’s interior arrangements and enjoy the positive energy they inspire!

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The charming Snail House was designed by Stéphane Spach ]

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Today we have a very special guest. James Heimler of James Heimler, Architect, Inc.(one of the leading architecture firms in California for environmentally sustainable design practices and spatial architectural planning) has an impressive experience as a general partner in both development and property management companies. He answered our interview challenge and here is the result:

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Built as a getaway for a family working in Tokyo, this incredible project inspired by a cube comes from Yuusuke Karasawa Architects and offers amazing vistas of Kanousan, Japan. The homogeneous feel given by the fact that this house is painted entirely in white is disrupted by the infinitude views that it offers. As soon as one changes his or her observing point, the perspective changes also. Each angle of sight is different, spectacular and totally unexpected. This is definitely a home that will never get its inhabitants tired of exploring. We particularly like the svelte interior staircase which manages to highlight the overall strange but fascinating geometry of this place. What do you think? Would you like to get lost in the immaculate labyrinthic rooms that this type of residence provides?

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Located in Ankara, Turkey, the bold orange color displayed by this residence stands at the base of its name – the Orange House. Turkish studio Yazgan Design Architecture envisioned the house rising three stories in the air and composing a collection of spaces gathering views of the surrounding urban developments and the Middle East Technical University forest. The steep site occupied by the house was recreated to suit the inhabitant’s needs and wishes and offer them the best possible layout for daily activities. Displaying its beautiful details over as surface of 1,050 square meters, the orange residential construction made of steel is best described by its designers: “The program is based on the development of flexible relationships between diverse inputs of design, such as, materials, program elements, demands of users, dimensional requirements, site peculiarities, Ankara climate and its habitat, architects and engineers involved with the project.

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Fresh interiors are a big part of what we do here on Freshome. We try to bring the best modern residences to serve as inspiration for you to create the perfect home for your family. Today we chose to showcase one of the urban designs in Lori Dennis’ portfolio. Her design company, Lori Dennis Inc., specializes in green residential design and this can be clearly seen throughout the interiors she works on. Considering projects from all over the world, the designer carefully studies her clients to find the perfect solution for their dwelling. This next home is a complex collection of shapes and colours that fit perfectly together in a puzzle made from quality furniture and carefully chosen details. Lori’s expertise in interior and exterior decorating has won her many awards and if you take a closer look, you will find out just how much effort was put into each room. A modern and urban feel surrounds her style and further strengthens her abilities as an interior designer. Enjoy the following images!

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Surrounded by gardens and located in a quite place in New South Wales, this home is up for sale at the sum of $1,200,000.  The interiors are really impressive; even though sometimes you will have the feeling that too many things fit in one room, at a closer look you will see how everything is in its right place and how the overall style that characterizes the house is not affected in any way. The building houses two bedrooms on the second level, with the possibility of a third one – a dressing room that can be converted in a very spacious sleeping room. The bathroom is very luxurious and the CaesarStone kitchen has first class appliances.  We hope the pictures will give you further information on why this place is on our “dream houses” list.

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Here is a beautiful family crib that seems to have it all: a charming architecture, beautiful interior design work and happy inhabitants. The Moose Hill House was designed by architects Utile, Inc and is located South of Boston, Massachusetts, USA. We really like its youthful feel, the floor to ceiling windows, as well as its friendly and warm atmosphere. This home not only has a flawless appearance, but is also sustainable. Here is an argumentation from the architects: Generated from a series of carefully integrated decisions, the design is intended to achieve maximum value, efficiency, and sustainability while maintaining a striking modern form high on the hillside. Super-insulating to reduce heat loss, “Smart-Framing” to reduce the amount of lumber required, garden roofs to manage run-off, and geo-thermal heating and cooling are among the strategies deployed to create a house with as little impact on the environment as possible.